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    Latest articles

    • This Anzac Day embrace New Zealand values

      • Andrew Hamilton
      • 17 April 2019

      The nationalist values purported to be Australian and to have flowed like blood from Anzac Cove will not do. Australians celebrating Anzac Day this year cannot assume that New Zealanders share all the values that are deemed Australian. Indeed, this Anzac Day New Zealanders might recall Australians to its more authentic meanings.

    • Palm Sunday Refugee Rally

      • ES Staff
      • 14 April 2019
      1 Comment

      'Let's march together for justice today, and then beyond today, until we've restored justice for refugees.' We spoke to some of the people at today’s Palm Sunday march for refugees in Melbourne. Tens of thousands turned out at events throughout Australia.

    • Budget enshrines neglect of older women

      • Rosie Williams
      • 12 April 2019
      1 Comment

      Women's groups were initially cut out of this year's budget lockup with just two representatives admitted after fighting tooth-and-nail for the privilege. With such hostility to our cause it is hardly surprising to find the budget holds little hope for women in resolving the structural inequalities baked into our lives.

    • Apocalyptic need not be the end of the world

      • Kevin Hargaden
      • 17 April 2019
      1 Comment

      One of the most vibrant theological movements in the world today declares itself 'apocalyptic'. This does not refer to the end of the world because of some political conflict, or the great derangement that flows from the climate disaster. These theologians are using apocalyptic in its original Greek sense — apo kalypsis — a revealing.

    • Journalist learns the power of accompanying

      • Julie Perrin
      • 17 April 2019

      At Adelaide Writer's Week, George Megalogenis asked Leigh Sales who had surprised her most in the research for her book Any Ordinary Day. She replied: 'Steve Sinn, the priest. I'm not religious and I felt like we were going to have nothing in common and his way of looking at the world wouldn't make sense to me.' How wrong she was.

    • Redress scheme's new class of have-nots

      • Cathy Kezelman
      • 08 April 2019

      Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, Australia must respond promptly and fairly to the needs of all survivors, not only of institutional child sexual abuse, but of all forms of childhood trauma. Every time we create a new class of survivor and more 'have nots' we replicate the inequities of abusive systems.

    • Vegan protesters reject righteous domination

      • Cristy Clark
      • 11 April 2019

      The concerns around white veganism and its blindness (and worse) to other systems of domination and oppression are completely legitimate and deserve serious attention. But they do not fundamentally undermine the central ethical arguments of veganism.

    • Climate action future is for the young

      • Greg Foyster
      • 29 March 2019

      Twenty thousand students are chanting 'climate action now!' He has been shouting the same thing for decades, first in scientific papers and then in newspapers, televised debates and rallies just like this one. Now he stands with a new generation, but he can't open his mouth to join them. He is scared he will say what he knows he can't say.

    • Children speak truth to climate inaction

      • Cristy Clark
      • 13 March 2019

      My children will be walking out of school for the School Strike 4 Climate Action. My eldest says she wants 'to protest that adults should actually do something about this planet that is dying, because we're all going to die with it'. She sees climate change action as a black and white issue.

    • First trip to red earth

      • Bernard Appassamy
      • 18 April 2019

      The isolation is familiar — like the Mauritius I grew up in, but these swans also capture a different Australia to the one I have known until now. What appears spectacular to a tourist travelling in an air conditioned car remains brutal for the locals, as evidenced by the drought and near ghost towns forced to reinvent themselves through tourism.

    • Militarising the Moon

      • Barry Gittins
      • 17 April 2019

      This journey outwards is threatened by demagoguery. The UN's treaty declaring 'celestial bodies shall be used exclusively for peaceful purposes' has been challenged by sabre-rattling by Donald Trump, with his declaration that 'it is not enough to have American presence in space; we must have American dominance'.

    • Eleven Kyoto haiku

      • Clotilde Lopez
      • 15 April 2019
      1 Comment

      A wooden doll lies in a pretty white box, the spirit of the child, dead inside dreaming, residing and displayed on a mantelpiece.


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